How to use Freehand Shape to create Special 3D Object

1. When you need draw a shape by yourself, you can use the freehand tool. You can free to draw some special shape with your mouse. Create point and link it with Bezier. First, click the freehand button on the left toolbar.

2. On the freehand shape dialog, we can create some shapes or import svg or font shape and adjust it, or we can directly draw a shape. For the efficiency, we create a circle and adjust it.

3. If we want scale this circle, just select it and click scale button adjust it.

4. In this guide, we want to create a ring, so we need create another circle and make it to hole.

5. If we need make the small circle to hole, we need select and click “Invert Selected Path”. Then when we save it, the circle will change to a hole.

6. Click these point, we can move it and we can use arrow key on the keyboard to control the direction of move. If we want change the point to Bezier, we can use right-click to switch it.

7. Double click to add a point.

8. If we want make the Bezier with 2 different direction, you can hold “Ctrl” key and use the mouse click the point and move it.

9. Select the path and rotate it.

10. When we finished, click “Save”. Got this special shape.

11.We can add text on it and use the shape and text style templates to change the effect.

12. If you want edit this shape on the freehand tool again, just right-click on it and select “Edit Freehand Shape”.

Product: Aurora 3D Animation Maker (Aurora3DAnimation) | Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker (Aurora3DMaker)