How to import 3D model and change the properties into Aurora 3D Presentation

1. Aurora 3D Presentation can import 3D Model, change the color, texture, size and make some interactive animation for it. You can learn how to import and change the color and texture in this guide.

First, Click “Object” button and select “3D Model” on the top toolbar. Then you can choose “3ds, obj, dae, dxf, ms3d, blend, etc,.” 3d format and import it. (PS: 3DS and OBJ format are better for our software)

2. When we select and import our 3d model, we will get a dialog said: Do you want to split the model. If you want change the model, select YES.

3. If split the 3d model, we can select every parts of the model in the “Hierarchy” list. That’s easy for us.
4. If we want to change a part color, we can select it and click fill button on the top toolbar. For example, we select “WHITE BODY”, and change the color to orange, select a texture and check reflection and mirror texture effect. [Read more…]

How to Change 3D object’s Rotate Center by Aurora3D Software

1. Actually our software can’t change the center of object, but we can change center of a group. So we can create a transparent object and make a group with any object, then change the rotate center for the group.

2. For example, if we want to change the center of this “Metal” text. First, I need create a shape or any other object. Then, set this shape’s transparent to “0”, include the surface and the side.

3. We need select the shape and the text, click arrange button, and select “Same Position”. Because we need make the shape’s center as same as the text. [Read more…]

Aurora 3D Animation Maker by Findmysoft Editor’s Review Rating 5 stars

Aurora 3D Animation Maker Awards | Aurora 3D Animation Maker Editor’s Review Rating
Aurora 3D Animation Maker has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 16 Oct 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Aurora 3D Animation Maker 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential.

If you are a constant web surfer, you have probably noticed those great looking intros presented on some Flash websites. The same kind of intros are also included in some TV news programs or software video reviews. You may want to be able to produce such intros yourself, but unfortunately, applications that offer this functionality are usually too difficult to master and also take up a lot of system resources. Fortunately, there are programs which really work, without cluttering the system.

One of these applications is Aurora 3D Animation Maker. This Windows application allows you to create any kind of 3D text animation, which can be integrated with any kind of project. After installing and running the application, a welcome screen will be displayed, in which the user can select the animation template that he would like to use. There are numerous templates to choose from and each can be completely modified.

After selecting the desired template, the user will be able to preview it directly in the program’s interface using the integrated player. Modifying a template only requires double-clicking on the text and entering a new one. Advanced users can also modify the text movement, shadows, lights and so on.

In case the user would like to create a 3D text animation from scratch, he will be able to use multiple objects, colors, text types, frames, icons and so on. Each object can be completely modified and animated. What’s more, Aurora 3D Animation Maker allows importing 3D models from other compatible applications, like 3D Studio Max. After the project is created, the user will be able to render it either using OpenGL or DirectX and also export it to an image or video file. Aurora 3D Animation Maker supports multiple formats when saving projects and allows customizing quality settings for each of them.

It allows you to create complex 3D text animations by using customized templates or with the help of a large object library. Besides that, animations can be directly previewed in the program’s interface. Furthermore, 3D animations can be exported to various image or graphical formats and the quality for each of them can be customized.

Fully using the application requires some knowledge and experience in working with 3D applications.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker allows you to quickly create any kind of 3D text animation, using numerous templates and a large object library.

You can download Aurora 3D Animation Maker free here.

New 3D Logo Example Design by Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Cool 3D Apple Logo Design by Aurora 3D Text & Logo MakerCool 3D Logo Design by Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Cool 3D Logo Creator by Aurora 3D Text & Logo MakerCool 3D Logo Maker by Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Cool 3D Logo Design by Aurora 3D Text & Logo MakerCool 3D News Logo Design by Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

How to make a 3D text effects in 2D graphics software? Use Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can easily create a variety of 3D logo effect. 3D text can be set texture effects, gradients, bevel styles, and all text can have a variety of alignment, spacing, line logo, fonts and so on. In the 3D software we have created the most effective text editing, I believe you will love. Software export formats include: PNG (include the full Alpha channel), JPG, BMP, XPM, PPM, TIFF (including the full Alpha channel), allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.

How to Distort and Relatively move your 3D Design in Aurora3D

1. Sometimes, we need make some special shape and text, our products provide some distort and relatively move, rotate function between shape and text. In this tutorial, we can learn how to make it. First, we can create a object, has a shape and text.

2. Select the object, and switch to “Design” tab. Set the shape distort type and value. [Read more…]