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I wanted to tell you know how much I am enjoying your software. I bought the 3D text maker, now I bought the 3D animation maker. Both of these programs will make my video projects really stand out.

—- John Harvat (United States)

Since I got the Licensekey, I have absolutely no Problem to use the Program. A very great Software and need to have for each Graphic Designer.

—-Stefan Weber

This Aurora 3D program appears to be far more capable than the newest Xara 3D program which I own.

—- Rich OBrien

La 3D facile ! – Belle app, on en a pour son argent. Les possibilités sont vastes mais pas illimitées. Un bon soft pour débuter dans l’univers de l’animation 3D.

—- Marco (french)

I haven’t used this app a lot yet, I’m learning to use it, but so far so good. I’m loving it. Exactly what I was looking for.

—- Adrian Jorge (US)

Liked your 3d programs, features,This is a great app!

—- Feha (Tonga)

Se qualcosa non va di solito segnalo subito e mi faccio rimborsare.Ma questo software è davvero ottimo e funziona bene!

—- ManuMatrix (Italia)

I’ve tried out the demo and the program is pretty cool. a nice program.

—- Nick Katz (United States)

Seit vielen Jahren endlich mal ein 3D Programm, bei dem man klasse Ergebnisse erzielt, ohne sich vorher über Wochen und Monate einarbeiten zu müssen. Auch das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist mehr als überzeugend. So soll’s sein. Toll!
—- Dtpunger (Germany)

This program looks very useful. I am definitely going to download and try it. I am working on a project in the next few weeks that might benefit from animated 3D text. Animation 3D looks very useful as well. It’s amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered.


I just finished experimenting with 3D Animation Maker. Wow, I am very impressed!I exported one of the samples as an avi and am very pleased with the quality. Based upon some of the reports above I wasn’t expecting the fine results I got because I have a pretty middle of the road graphics card. Thank you for the deal–the purchase was a “no brainer” after the trial. I will definitely be considering Presentation 3D in the future.

—- Don Goddard (United States)

Die Software selbst ist wirklich sehr gut gelungen und den Preis wert. Mit ein wenig Einarbeitungszeit kommt man mit den Controls gut klar. Ein wenig Vorwissen aus Photoshop 3D (Extended Version) ist nicht schlecht, braucht man aber nicht wirklich.Besonders gefallen hat mir die Geschwindigkeit, in der man wirklich schöne 3D Designs erstellen kann.Verbesserungswürdig ist an manchen Stellen die Menüführung, man muss sich etwas hineinfinden.Besonders negativ muss ich bemerken, dass – unter Lion – die App bei jedem Speichervorgang abgestürzt ist.Nachdem ich mich an den Support gewandt hatte, bekam ich innerhalb von 2 Stunden eine neue Version, welche dieses Problem allerdings behoben hat.Kurz und gut: Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt!

—- Christian_S (Germany)

Thanks for the deal, it’s a great program with many nice features!

—- Richard Andersen (Denmark)

Wae erst skeptisch, ob mir das Programm bei der Logoerstellung weiterhelfen kann. Bin aber schon nach kurzer Zeit völlig überzeugt vom Umfang der Software. Natürlich muss man sich ein wenig einarbeiten, aber auch so gelangen schnell brauchbare Ergebnisse. Ich finde, das App ist sein Geld wert.

—- ThomasR. (Germany)

Great giveaway just what i need as i have used true space & DAZ Studio for 3d artwork they are quite well but Presentation3D has many advanced feature that these freeware lacks. i like the interface which has many tools infront eases the job. ya its seems to be right with this software we Don’t need to learn Flash, AE, Photoshop and other 3D software. gret features, great giveawy thanks.

—- Ranna

Excellent program, ShadowMaster. I would love to win the license. I work a lot with presentations and this would be really useful. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

—- Paf Borg

Great, this is what I need! I am looking for a long time have not seen display effects like this product, and the price is also so cheap.

—- Dulala Duck

I think Presentation3D used to produce multimedia and interactive presentations is a good software, I would consider using. And I’m more interested in Aurora 3D Animation Maker, I want to use it to make some title animation!

—- Ashley Jones

3D design software for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to promote our image,web page or display text or graphics to add 3D effect, the mindmay emerge 3Dmax complex or tedious Photoshop software operation Skills.However, we will make it all disappear from your mind to face any 3D text,logo design needs, we provide the most powerful help:The template as many as hundreds of style options, and user-friendly operation, to save you a lot of work time and increase efficiency;Reflection, reflection, mixing, deformation texture, and other operations, metal, glass, plastic and other texture effects, so that your work will never lose a powerful 3D software;

—- AIonut Popa

Presentation 3D it’s very useful to create vibrant and vivid looking presentations. With Presentation 3D is not a difficult task nowadays with the help of varied technology that has come up like Photoshop and Flash which in turn consists of a wide variety of tools and features that can intuitively display any kind of content.

In professional situations and requirements PowerPoint presentations are very useful as they allow condensing of complex information and details in easy to understand format that can be accepted and comprehended by all kinds of audiences.

This is the reason why imagery and interactive graphics are used for depicting and presenting concepts as pictures can explain more vividly and interestingly.

Amongst various tools that are used for this purpose is Presentation3D that combines powerful techniques for illustrative purposes.

—-Radu Ciobotaru

I was searching the internet looking for a 3D animator program that was fast to learn and easy to use, that allowed for exporting files as flash swf file type.  I came across Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker.
I liked the modern look of the program and the fact that you can make stunning 3D animations with ease appealed to me greatly as I am a website designer. Time is money so I required a program to produce high quality swf animations without spending hours making them. Well, this program is exactly what i was looking for.
It looked super modern and I loved the look of the sample animations so much, I downloaded the 7 day trial.
Well after I installed the program and started using it. I soon discovered that the program was much easier to learn than I anticipated. It was so easy that I was able to easily make a stunning 3D animation within minutes of using the program. The images and animations are rendered and animated in real time so you can see the changes you make to the animation instantly. You can also import vector graphic files. The other benefits are that you can even save files as gif, jpg, tiff, jpg, bmp and png and swf and video formats. So there are many popular formats options that can be used in and between many graphic designer programs.
I was so impressed with the ease of use and the high quality 3D renders, and especially the low low price. The price was so cheap that I had no hesitation in purchasing the program. This program is awesome!!!
After using the program, I had some questions i needed ask, so I emailed the customer support team and I was blown away at the speed of the response from them. Within 10 minutes of my sending them an email, they had replied to me. SO FAST!!!! This has never happened to me before from any software customer support service. The people at Aurora are incredible. Not only do they reply super fast, but they even go to the trouble to make changes and improvements to the software to satisfy the customer. They have a real interest in making sure their customers are completely satisfied and that the program does all that the user requires. The impression I got from them was that they are really interested in making this software number 1, and they listen to their customers and make improvements and changes to their software if and when required.
To say the least, I am extremely happy with the software and the customer support I have received.
I can without any hesitation recommend this program and the company.
You will be very happy with the product and the company without any doubt.
Thanks Aurora Team
—Phil ,Sydney, Australia

I haven’t found anything else that compares, and the free Google one sucks. Blender is free, but the learning curve is WAY too steep. I’m going to go ahead and purchase this software.

I call ’em as I see ’em. This is the first software posted here that I like.

The videos above are lame, and the presets are lame, so just ignore that stuff and try to think outside the box. If you use vector graphic software like CorelDraw, you can export any wireframe or trace as an SVG and the software opens it right up.

You can bring in your own textures, photos, etc. in PNG format and it maintains the transparent alpha channel.

Multiple objects can be created on the same screen and grouped, or animated separately.

You can export your animation to a PNG image sequence, and that will preserve the transparent channel too. I use Vegas pro, and it brings in the image sequence as a single video file. Works well, very smooth.

Forget about the cheesy backgrounds in the software too, and it’s still worth the price due to the versatility of importing SVG, animating, then rendering out to your NLE.

There are a great many ways to animate using preset paths and motions, also you can keyframe. The lighting is easily adjusted too. It’s all WYSIWYG, not a bunch of numbers and graph lines.

The “7’s” in the video above are not text, they are traces I did in CorelDraw, lifted from a photograph of a sign. I’m using them in another project that needs some motion graphics. 3D text animation is old school, nothing new, but it seems to be getting popular again.

—- budwzr

I purchased Animation Maker a few days ago when you were nice enough to offer my a discount during  the sale of another program on I just wanted to let you know how much I like the program. Clearly you have put a lot of effort into designing it to make it very capable. Unfortunately too often I have purchased software that was not really executed very well or buggy or just bad.

I’m in the middle of moving so I haven’t had a lot of time to work with it, but so far I’m finding that it has an amazing array of options and the ability to make some really  complex animations. I can tell it will take some time to learn, but it will be worth it.

Nick Katz (United States)

Dear Aurora Team

We would like to express our thanks to everyone at Aurora for their support; everyone was very patient and couldn’t have been more helpful. Dealing with your team was a great example and reminder that this is how businesses should treat their customers.

The 3D presentation package is simply excellent, easy to use and produces stunning results; anyone looking to raise the bar at their next presentation should use this package.

The effects, animations and vibrancy of the colours and designs are just stunning, there seems to be a video, slide, background or transition for every idea we need to express and that saves time and helps us deliver highly professional presentations.

Thanks again for all the support kindness it is very much appreciated

Kidney Research UK - Funding research to save lives

Best Wishes

Dave Foley   Project Manager   Kidney Research UK

This Aurora 3D program appears to be far more capable than the newest Xara 3D program which I own. So I will buy this definitely. Thanks Bits du Jour for bringing this software to my attention and for offering it at such a good price.

The Aurora 3D Software team provided me with immediate and useful technical support. They asked me questions. I answered by email. Without delay by return email, they told me what video drivers I needed to update. I did. That fixed my computer so their wonderful software now runs on my computer. In more than 25 years of working with computers, I have never had such fast support. I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked other software companies for support and gotten none or they responded a week later and didn’t answer my question. I am most please to have the use of this important 3D software. And it is such a comfort to know that if a problem may arise, there is someone there who cares and will help me right away.

–Rich Obrien (US)

Since I got the Licensekey, I have absolutely no Problem to use the Program. A very great Software and need to have for each Graphic Designer.

–Stefan Weber (Germany)

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker – program do modelowania trójwymiarowych napisów, przycisków oraz logotypów. Aplikacja cenionego wśród wielu użytkowników producenta oprogramowania do tworzenia grafiki oferuje wygodny, intuicyjny interfejs oraz prosty koncepcyjnie edytor. Narzędzie mimo pokaźnej ilości funkcji, cechuje się tym samym stosunkowo łatwą obsługą. Wśród dostępnych opcji w szczególności warto wymienić:– Programosy

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