Become a Aurora3D Software licensing Reseller

Follow the steps below to help develop additional revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships by providing licenses and licensing services to your customers. Become a Aurora3D Software licensing reseller.

Take this steps:

1. Become a member of the Aurora3D Partner Network.

If you’re interesting in our products, just send email to us: Tell me how do you promote our product? Gain access to additional services that can help you identify opportunities and work with customers.

2. Establish a reseller account with a Aurora3D authorized distributor.

We will help you to create a reseller account and special link for your sale. You can track your sale in the reseller system.

3. Choose the best way to sell Aurora3D Products and build your business.

We will find the best solutions offerings, make more-informed licensing recommendations, and realize new revenue opportunities for your business.

Normal method for affiliates:

We’re using DigitalRiver Mycommerce affiliate system, If you like to promote our software, you can follow this link to register as a affiliate, we provide more than 60% commission for our reseller by MyCommerce system:

Any questions, feel free to let us know:

Here is a introduce about MyCommerce affiliate system:

Additional Resources and Services

1. User Guide, Video Tutorials, “How to do” documents.

You can get the resources of our user guide, video tutorials and some support documents, and you can edit them.

2. If your customer had some questions, we can help you to give them help.

3. If you find some bug or some special functions that you want, our programmer will try to help you to solve it.

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