Version History | What’s New of Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

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Release Note:

1.Fix some bugs of freehand design.

1.set VP8 as default encoder when compress video(windows).
2.fix bug of when make animation for 2D text not smooth.

1.Node can rotate by degree.
2.Move nodes into a group from the hierarchy list.
3.Support dutch language.

1. Fix crash bug of export video with Google VP8 Video Codec(Windows).
2. Add option when import 3d model.
3. Fix crash bug when right click a image node that lose image file.

1.Add camera, light, scene animation function;
2.Add more template;
3.Improve animation output performance of mac version.

1. Fix video doesn’t play when export animation.

1. Fix UI bug of “Transparent Background” option.

1. Fix crash bug when import big dimension image.
2. Fix transparent node become fade when background is transparent.

1. Fixed bug of multi-texture.
2. Add more project template of Text and Logo.

1. Fixed bug of multi-texture.
2. Add more project template of Text and Logo.

1. Support selection of rendering engine(DirectX or OpenGL).
2. Fix a bug of undo.
3. Fix layer bug of image node.

1.Support render to texture when export.
2.Support export high resolution image.
3.Add enable/disable function of light.
4.Reduce RAM usage if this program.

1.Support GIF animation background.

1. Fix export GIF issue(has black on edge).

1.Enhance the function of free hand, such as zoom, multi-selection..

1.Translate to arabic.
2.Add video background of the project.

1.Add more multilanguage(German, Spanish, Russian).
2.Adjust Software GUI.
3.Add more template.
4.Freehand support undo, redo.
Version 11.06.28 add many node templates.  Add node template function.

1.Add correct aspect ratio option when set render size. if you find project size is not like original designs. Please select the option or unselect this option.
2.Modified that open template project doesn’t need set render size.
3.Add Software Anti-Aliasing when export.
4.Fix select object problem.
5.Software GUI support 1024×768 resolution.

1.Add option of open folder when export.
2.Fix export icon problem.

1.Import more format model, like 3ds, obj, blend and so on.
2.Add many common inbuild resolution for set size render.

1.Modified template.
2.Modified registry GUI.
3.Modified bug of export GIF.
4.Modified export video.
5.Support export transparent flash.
6.Support Arabic text.

1.Modified the GUI icons.
2.Add GIF export quality selection.
3.Modified the freehand create, make it ease to use.
4.Modified the bug of play animation only one times.

1.Fix the bug of object reflection fade.

1.Fix the bug of export tga image.
2.Adjust the GUI.

1.Add multi-language support(Frence).
2.Fix a bug of edit text.
3.Fix the problem of export a scaled image was not fine.

1.Add Japanese support;
2.Update help;

1.Add chinese support;
2.Update new style;
3.Modify bug;

1.Update template and style(need remove software/media under template and style directory);
2.Add distort function;
3.Add gradient texture custom;

1.Add shape+text mode(shape hole, text + shape border);
2.Add 3D text modify char style.

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