How to Change 3D object’s Rotate Center by Aurora3D Software

1. Actually our software can’t change the center of object, but we can change center of a group. So we can create a transparent object and make a group with any object, then change the rotate center for the group.

2. For example, if we want to change the center of this “Metal” text. First, I need create a shape or any other object. Then, set this shape’s transparent to “0”, include the surface and the side.

3. We need select the shape and the text, click arrange button, and select “Same Position”. Because we need make the shape’s center as same as the text.

4. Then, select the shape and text, right-click on it and choose Group.

5. We can get a Group include the text and the object, but we can’t see the shape. So, we can change the center at now. Right click on the Group, and Enable “Adjust Group Center” option.

6. Now, we can use the manipulator to move the center of this group. For example, we can move the center to the left bottom corner.

7. Finally, we need right click on the group and Disable “Adjust Group Center” option.

8. Rotate it, look the center will be changed.

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