How to make Special 3D Shapes with shape properties

1. In our software templates, we can find some logo or text made of special shapes. This guide will teach you how to make these special shapes.

2. First, we create a rect. Switch to the Shape tab, we can see every shapes properties. Adjust the hole value on the Rect Properties, we can create a hole on the rect.

3. We can use the Shape Type to switch the shape type. Click the round rect, change the shape to round rect, we can find more properties on the round rect.

4. Make hole to “0”, and uncheck the “Left Top”and “Left Bottom” box. Change ”round radius” to “0.5”, get effect likes bellow picture.

5. Switch shape type to Ellipse, and change the Ellipse Hole.

6. Switch the shape type to Arc, change the Start Angle, Sweep Length and hole on the Arc Properties. We can get a sector or a semicircular.

7. Switch the shape type to Concave Polygon. Change Side Number, Inner Diameter and Hole value on the Concave Polygon Properties.

8. Switch the shape type to Convex Polygon, and change the side number and hole value on the properties.

9. Switch the shape type to arrow, and change some settings on Arrow Properties.

10. Switch the shape type to round cube, and adjust Bevel value on the properties.

11. PS: when we use the round cube, if we need select a texture, we must be check “Reflection” and “Mirror” box. If not, maybe we’ll look some texture issue on the round cube.

12. Switch shape type to Ring, and change radius and angle value on the ring properties. if we want create a special ring, we can scale this shape with the manipulator.

Product: Aurora 3D Animation Maker (Aurora3DAnimation) | Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker (Aurora3DMaker)