How to use 3D Table and Data Graph Advanced Skill

1. Select 3D table on the Object list, and add it.

2. Get a “Table Node Setup” Dialog. We can change Title, Navigation, Columns and Data on the dialog. [Read more…]

How to use Group make Flexible interactive Animation

1. When we looked a amazing animation in a presentation, we said wow at every times. You can make animation for any shapes, texts, pictures and groups in Aurora 3D Presentation. Let’s learn a simple example.

2. First, we can create four pictures, and rotate and move these shapes position like the below pictures. [Read more…]

How to Switch Slide and make Hyperlink in Interactive Presentation

1. Make some buttons and use for active some events, switch slide or link to another place is a important function. So, we must be learn this function. First, we created 3 buttons. We can make different hyperlink or event for these buttons.

2. Right-click on a button, and select “Edit Hyperlink”.

3. We can get a “Hyperlink Setup” dialog. Select “Slide” on the dialog, we can make this button click to go to any slide in this presentation, or we can make this button click to go to first, last, previous or next slide. [Read more…]

How to Make Texture Animation and Dynamic Background

1. In the 3D Presentation, Maybe we need make some animation effects, but we don’t want the Text or shape move. No problem, we can use the Texture Animation function. First: set a texture on the text and text-bevel. Sure, if you want, you can blend a color for it.

2. Click the “Animation” button. We got the “Texture Animation” Dialog, then we can set the Rotate, Scroll, Scale animation. We can see the effect at real-time. [Read more…]

How to Make Metal and Glass Effects for 3D Presentation

1. Select a 3D Text and select a reflection Texture for it.

2. Select Reflection and Mirror option. [Read more…]