How to use Group make Flexible interactive Animation

1. When we looked a amazing animation in a presentation, we said wow at every times. You can make animation for any shapes, texts, pictures and groups in Aurora 3D Presentation. Let’s learn a simple example.

2. First, we can create four pictures, and rotate and move these shapes position like the below pictures.

3. Select all pictures and right-click on them, select “Group” make them in one group, then we can through the group animation to control these pictures.

4. Use manipulator rotate the X axis, make the group rotate value to 90, then we can get this effect.

5. Select the control button in the presentation and create a “left mouse click” event.

6. Next, Select the group and add a “Node Animation”. And make a Z axis rotation animation on the “Node Animation” dialog.

7. By the same way, we can create a “left mouse click” event for another button, and make a Z axis rotate animation. The Z rotation value set to -90. Because we will rotate the group again and again, so we need select “Loop” on the Button Left Mouse Click event.

8. When we finished, Preview our presentation, click the buttons. Great.

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