How to make Texture Animation and Dynamic Background by Aurora 3D Animation

1. When you create some 3D Logo or Text, but we want make some dynamic for them. Then, we need use Texture Animation function. Let’s do it, first, create a 3D text, select a texture and check “Reflection” and “Mirror” box.

2. Click “Animation” button, we got the “Texture Animation” dialog. We can select animation templates or change scroll, rotate and scale value to make texture animation. Click “close” button, we’ll get the text bevel texture animation effect. [Read more…]

How to Make Texture Animation and Dynamic Background

1. In the 3D Presentation, Maybe we need make some animation effects, but we don’t want the Text or shape move. No problem, we can use the Texture Animation function. First: set a texture on the text and text-bevel. Sure, if you want, you can blend a color for it.

2. Click the “Animation” button. We got the “Texture Animation” Dialog, then we can set the Rotate, Scroll, Scale animation. We can see the effect at real-time. [Read more…]