How to Make Metal and Glass Effects for 3D Presentation

1. Select a 3D Text and select a reflection Texture for it.

2. Select Reflection and Mirror option. [Read more…]

How to Make In Screen and Out Screen Interactive Animation

1. When we make a presentation, maybe we need some in screen or out screen animation. So, in this tutorial, you can learn it. First, we create some shapes and texts, such as this picture.

2. Add a “Slide Show” event and don’t need select “Loop” option. [Read more…]

How to Make Interactive Camera Animation and Tooltip Action

1. Camera Animation is a special way to show your product in the presentation. So if you want make a 3D interactive presentation, Camera animation is requisite. Ok, let’s use a 3D car model to learn how to make camera animation and tooltip action.

2. First, we need add a “Slide Show” event. In the “Slide Show” event, we can play the action with mouse click or press “Space key”. Don’t forget select the “loop”. [Read more…]

How to Make a Button to Change Object Properties with Animation

1. We believe, if you want to make some interactive presentation, you must need make an navigation or some buttons to control your object. In this tutorial, you can learn this skill. First, create a round-rect.

2. Click object and select UI -> Button, then click on the render window and drag mouse to create a button.

3. Double click on the button, open the “UI Node Setup”, we can use any image to replace the current one. And you can set the text on the button, if you don’t need the text, just delete it. [Read more…]

How to Make a Animation Repeat in 3D Interactive Presentation

1. We have 2 kinds repeat animation. First: we can make some shape repeat one or more animation at any space in a presentation. Second: we can make a button to control another shape repeat a animation again and again. Now, let’s do it.

2. We looked three semicircular in the space. We can make these semicircular to rotate round and round. First, we can add a “Slide Show” event.

3. Then, we select a semicircular and add a “Node Animation” for it. [Read more…]