How to Make Interactive Camera Animation and Tooltip Action

1. Camera Animation is a special way to show your product in the presentation. So if you want make a 3D interactive presentation, Camera animation is requisite. Ok, let’s use a 3D car model to learn how to make camera animation and tooltip action.

2. First, we need add a “Slide Show” event. In the “Slide Show” event, we can play the action with mouse click or press “Space key”. Don’t forget select the “loop”.

3. When you add the “Slide Show” event, select it. And add a ”Camera Animation” action under this event.

4. On the “Camera Animation” dialog, we need click “Get Current Transform”, and click OK.

5. Then, we need un-lock the Camera, right-click on the rendering window, and click “Camera Lock”.

6. Next, we can adjust the camera position, rotate, far and near. The method is: Position: click and hold on the Middle-key on the mouse, and move it; Rotate: click and hold on the Right-key on the mouse, and move it. Far and Near: roll the mouse wheel to adjust it. Look, we already adjust the camera to the front of the car.

7. Add a ”Camera Animation” action and click “Get Current Transform” on the dialog again. Then click OK.

8. Then we just turn the camera to this position, it’s not enough. We need add a “Tooltip Action” to describe more information. Such as this picture.

9. On this “Tooltip Action Setup” dialog, we can set the Image, Text and the display position that we want.

10. If we want display the camera animation and the tooltip action at the same time, we can’t select the “trigger” at the tooltip action. And if you feel the duration is small, we can set it. Like the picture, set the camera animation duration to 3, and set the tooltip action start time to 3. The result is when the camera animation finished, the tooltip will display.

11. Let’s preview it. Just click mouse at any place on the rendering window, or press “space” key. If you want make more camera animation to show more part of the car, just follow the steps on above. And more camera animation and tooltip actions. Good luck.

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