How to make Animation with Aurora 3D Animation Maker Templates

1. Our products provide many animation style templates, such as rotate, swing, beat, wave, fade, typewriter, pulse. We can create some animation through animation style and properties in few second. First, we need select a shape and switch to “Animation” tab, and select a rotate style for the shape, set the rotate axis.

2. Select text set animation style to Rotate by letter, and set another text style to Beat by letter.

3. If we need light animation, just check “Light Animation” box, the 3 light can rotate by the select axis.

4. Click Play button and preview this animation. The shape rotate animation we set the same axis, if we want get different effect, we can set them to different axis.

5. Set one circle shape rotate with Y axis, another circle shape rotate with X axis, and change the direction.

6. At the last, preview this animation. Very easy!

Product: Aurora 3D Animation Maker (Aurora3DAnimation) | Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker (Aurora3DMaker)