Aurora 3D Animation Maker Reviews

I'm a video editor, and many of my clients want motion graphics and 3D to "bling" up their projects, but they don't need full blown CGI graphics.

Aurora 3D Animator has been the perfect tool to easily produce high quality animated 3D content.

The 3DA user interface is similar to a paint program, where you create an object, apply different colorations and shadings, animate it, render out
with a transparent background, and take it into your video editor for compositing.

3DA can be that simple, or you can get much more complex and layer several objects and have them interact with each other or make stock individual
animations that can be composited and animated further in your NLE.

Most NLE's do not have full 3D modeling, it's 2D in a 3D space, so 3DA gives true 3D motion within that flat 2D space, so when you rotate or apply
perspective, you can create some really dazzling work.