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3D Effect in the Logo Design and 3D Design Software Development

1. Introduction
Along with the development, logo design not only the information conveyed to the audience and the audience’s recognition of information, but also increased demands on the logo design visualization and modern. We are now living in 3D effect often seen with 3D logo effect, this is because 3D effect than the 2D effect of a strong visual impact with more force and more new visual experience.

2. Trends of Logo Design
We can see logos mark the evolution of artistic styles and characteristics change.
Logo design is a special kind of text or images of the information transmitted symbol, and its basic function is to transmit information by graphics, the performance of its inherent meaning, characteristics, and uses it as a medium of communication. It draws on and used symbols, and symbols to give a higher artistic level.

Logo design can be said that high-capacity carrier of human civilization, is the epitome of human culture. Throughout history, from primitive society to the totem sign, then the modern state and corporate logo, which all reflect the historical evolution of social and the history of cultural at the situation.

At present, around the world, in all areas in constant development of logo design, but in general follow the following rules:
(1) Becoming more and more by the heavy simple. Such as: Nike (NIKE) logo
(2) From the static to dynamic, from rational to emotional graphic design, from dull to vibrant and full of vitality of the human. Such as: a logo of the automotive industry has shifted from the traditional pattern of a simple compact complex geometric abstract shapes, the full expression of Automotive Technology rationality and sense of the times.

Nike Logo DesignBenz Logo Design

(3) Performance from 2D plane to 3D effect.

Nike 3D Logo DesignBenz 3D Logo Design

3. 3D Effect is reflected in the logo design
Graphic design company logo has highly symbolic and allegorical. Symbol is to simply, accurately and quickly convey complex ideas of things, with the graphics to represent its meaning, it is not just a symbol, but more of its special spiritual and emotional characteristics.  [Read more…]

Aurora3D (Mac OS & Windows) & Xara3D – 3D Text Maker Review and Compare

Today, we have two major software about 3D text and logo creation, they are XARA 3D Maker 7 and Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker (Mac & Windows). XARA developed in the late 1990s, the style with a clear characteristic of the times, Aurora 3D Maker(Mac & Windows) was developed in 2000, the main modern style side, two software are used to quickly create titles, logos, icons and buttons and Introduction . There can output high-quality 3D text and graphics. Here we have the software in all aspects of their evaluation.

 First, the software starts, we can see between the two software is a clear difference.

1. Aurora 3D Maker (Mac & Windows) supports multiple object editing and freedom of placement, and Xara3D supports only a single object.

 Aurora 3D Maker (Mac & Windows) ScreenshotXara 3D Maker Screenshot

2. Manipulator: In 3D production requires operator, the first two software are included in the shape of an object and text, XARA so because only a relatively simple object, click the blank is rotated, click on the text side is stretched, or by ctrl alt key to switch the stretching and rotation. The Aurora 3D Maker(Mac & Windows) requires placing multiple objects, provide a more powerful operator, including the movement of each axis, rotation and scaling, and surrounded by the right side of the six body shapes and text bevel adjustment, size, and pull extension button.

  1. Meanwhile, the editor is for more than one object, Aurora 3D Maker (Mac & Windows) also provides a grouping function. [Read more…]

Aurora3D Software For Mac were Published – Aurora 3D Maker and Aurora 3D Animation

Aurora3D Software Published they software in Mac OS,

If you want make 3d text, logo and button, design 3d movie title animation in Mac OS, This is your best choice.

These products is your perfect way to get 3d design. Quickly put your design to website, movie. Export to Photoshop, Premiere, AI and other design software.

Don’t miss it for Mac. Try it for free!

Download Aurora 3D Maker:         For MacFor WindowsGet it from CNET!

Download Aurora 3D AnimationFor MacFor WindowsGet it from CNET!

  • One click to add 3D object(200+ templates)
  • 3000+ Symbols and import SVG
  • 50+ Professional Project templates
  • 60+ Additional TrueType fonts
  • 80+ Object Style
  • One click apply animated effects(10+)
  • Export to PNG, JPG, Tiff, BMP, GIF, TGA etc.
  • Export Animation to Movie, SWF, GIF animation or Image Sequence as you like.

Never Let you down!      [Read more…]