3D Effect in the Logo Design and 3D Design Software Development

1. Introduction
Along with the development, logo design not only the information conveyed to the audience and the audience’s recognition of information, but also increased demands on the logo design visualization and modern. We are now living in 3D effect often seen with 3D logo effect, this is because 3D effect than the 2D effect of a strong visual impact with more force and more new visual experience.

2. Trends of Logo Design
We can see logos mark the evolution of artistic styles and characteristics change.
Logo design is a special kind of text or images of the information transmitted symbol, and its basic function is to transmit information by graphics, the performance of its inherent meaning, characteristics, and uses it as a medium of communication. It draws on and used symbols, and symbols to give a higher artistic level.

Logo design can be said that high-capacity carrier of human civilization, is the epitome of human culture. Throughout history, from primitive society to the totem sign, then the modern state and corporate logo, which all reflect the historical evolution of social and the history of cultural at the situation.

At present, around the world, in all areas in constant development of logo design, but in general follow the following rules:
(1) Becoming more and more by the heavy simple. Such as: Nike (NIKE) logo
(2) From the static to dynamic, from rational to emotional graphic design, from dull to vibrant and full of vitality of the human. Such as: a logo of the automotive industry has shifted from the traditional pattern of a simple compact complex geometric abstract shapes, the full expression of Automotive Technology rationality and sense of the times.

Nike Logo DesignBenz Logo Design

(3) Performance from 2D plane to 3D effect.

Nike 3D Logo DesignBenz 3D Logo Design

3. 3D Effect is reflected in the logo design
Graphic design company logo has highly symbolic and allegorical. Symbol is to simply, accurately and quickly convey complex ideas of things, with the graphics to represent its meaning, it is not just a symbol, but more of its special spiritual and emotional characteristics. With the development of society and people’s changing aesthetic, pure flat sign logo graphics can no longer perform a more profound meaning, only the performance of 3D effect with a sense of space logo, logo graphics in order to meet ideological and aesthetic vision feelings of people.

Such as Sony Ericsson, the new company’s logo is also of concern. “Image flow” and “other self” is the new logo to reflect the two key elements. The new logo and color changes by lighting up a 3D spatial effect, while the sphere of high light and shadow lines contains the SONY’s “S” and ERICSSON’s “E” two letters, but also with full means that the vitality of the green, the color on the gradual transition through a perfect interpretation of the 3D effect. And it is such a strong visual impact, giving the audience left a deep first impression, then, which won the audience’s memory of and identification to obtain a multiplier effect.

sony ericsson Logo DesignSuperman_3D_Logo

3.1  The performance of a 3D effect of fashion logo design
The release of self, the pursuit of individuality, feel the space changing fashion and enjoy a wealth of information, which has become an extremely strong modern psychological and visual needs, so people began to seek a more varied form of graphics to meet these needs, rewritten rigid mindset, I hope there is a sign of the performance of 3D effect to stimulate the visual logo, logo design, marked by injection of fresh blood, the effect of different 2D visual experience.
Therefore, the performance of 3D effect for logo design has become a new fashion, by 3D effect is manifested in the sign of the logo design applications can be created to sell the audience to remember and associate satisfaction and a sign of logo. Only in this way will have a fresh logo design logo and long-term vitality, can to express a new fashion of modern.

3.2  3D effect of the performance of technical support
First, we need to understand 3D effect for logo design is easy to arouse people’s association and imagination, in line with the aesthetic aspects of the modern audience the ideas and feelings, and thus more accurate and vivid to flag logo to convey information and enhance the distinctiveness. Therefore reasonable to increase the performance of 3D space, it will be more visual impact, the works of great benefit.
Even so, good technical support or basis for a good logo design, logo design can bring a broader creative and imagination. The relationship between technology and art are like two sides of a coin, inseparable.

3D design software is the use of computer-generated geometric model of the software, only used in the professional graphics workstations at first. With the development and popularization of the PC, 3D design software has also been ported to the PC.
In the DOS era, Autodesk (http://www.autodesk.com) the company’s monopoly on 3D design of the PC market. Microsoft in 1994 with $ 130 million acquisition of Softimage Co., introduced in 1995 based on the NT platform SOFTIMAGE3D3.0 version, caused a sensation.
Autodesk in order to maintain dominance in the 3D Design, in 1996, Autodesk 3DS introduced the WindowsNT version 3DSMAX1.0. This version of the user interface, structure and function on both a qualitative leap, was a great success. In 1998, Maya, Alias, Houdini appeared in succession on the NT platform.

After the 3D software applications has the rapid spread, and the small 3D software also sprung up. Such as Aurora3D Software (http://www.aurora3dsoftware.com) companies, in 3D text, title, and logo design and animation, the software highlights the simple and rapid characteristics, with a large number of templates, but not loss of powerful features. Part of the results shown in figure: (http://www.aurora3dsoftware.com/products/maker-3d.html)

3D Logo Design Ubantu3D Logo Design windows3D Logo Design Nissan


3D Text Maker3D Logo Maker

4. Conclusion
Logo design for the common values ​​that people in the communication of information has become a pleasant and easy, sign the form of beauty tends to diversity and individuality, and the formation of the current so-called information “symbol” of the performance characteristics of this global set off the design of innovative ideas coincide, is also reflected in the global, digital environment in the logo design for the future development trend. 3D effect of the performance as a logo design trends, logo design will have a broader space for development. Any design from start to finish is human-centered design, logo design is no exception, with the rapid development and modernization of the diverse needs of the audience for signs of change, designers should pay attention to logo design every step forward.

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