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3D Model Presentation | Interactive Animation | Aurora3D Software

3D Interactive Animation Software | 3D Model Presentation Video Demo

  • Easily to  Create 3D interactive presentations for image, text, video, model and data.
  • Don’t need the basis of 3D design.
  • Choose many ways to display your content.
  • Don’t need to learn Flash, AE, Photoshop and other 3D Application to create great looking presentation.
  • Choose and use many included design elements, include backgrounds, themes, styles, shapes, effects and so on.
  • Real 3D space, real 3D object.
  • You can export the standalone EXE or video files,and import other 3D model and texture by the 3D design software.
  • Learn some interesting effect of 3D software,Let you easily.
  • Save money on various 3D interactive design.
  • If you don’t have the time, Our software is your best choice, You’ll get the high efficiency.
Allow your creative imagination to easily compose stunning 3D Interactive, Video and Multimedia Programs! Quickly Design Business and Touch Screen Interactive Presentations, 3D Product Shows, 3D Animation Video and Other Multimedia. Export to EXE files or Video. Then distribute it Royalty Free!

Are you doing electronic products? Industrial products you doing? Do you need to do anything in 3D model of the product? Would you like to show more and more complex 3D models? So how do you show your model to customers?

At here, you can Import .3ds file format and you use the texture, and use texture effects. In the presentation you can change the color, rotation, scaling and other operations, So people can view your models all-round.This is very exciting, is not it?

3D Text Maker | Cool 3D Text Create by Aurora3D Software

Make the Highest Quality 3D Text and Graphics. Like Headings, Logos, Titles and Buttons.

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an advanced application designed to help you design 3D Text, buttons or logos. Features a large number of shapes and text template. There are reflections and texture animation effects, and a variety of quick tools, very easy to use.
You can choose a variety of bevel and alignment, lighting can be adjusted, the shape can be interchangeable, very flexible. Can import the font shapes, and you can import SVG, and converted into three-dimensional shapes. You can export the image to a PNG, TIFF, JPG or BMP file format. 3D design software for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to promote our image,web page or display text or graphics to add 3D effect, the mind may emerge 3Dmax complex or tedious Photoshop software operation Skills.

3dtext01 3dtext02 3dtext03

3dtext04 3dtext06 3dtext07

3dtext08 3dtext09 3dtext10

How to make a cool 3D text effects in 2D graphics software? Use Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can easily create a variety of cool 3D text effect. Cool 3D text can be set to texture effects, gradients, bevel styles, and all text can have a variety of alignment, spacing, line logo, fonts and so on. In the 3D software we have created the most effective text editing, I believe you will love. Software export formats include: Png (include the full Alpha channel), jpg, bmp, xpm, ppm, tiff (including the full Alpha channel), allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.

3D ICON Maker | 3D Button Creator | Aurora3D Software

3D ICON Maker Galley:

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker lets non-technical individuals craft stunning 3D Icon and Button quickly and easily. With Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can hit the ground running with hundreds of templates that let you immediately take advantage of cool effects like reflections, deformations, and textures. Or import your own images and tweak them to meet your unique design needs!

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker lets you use any of the installed fonts on your system to make amazing 3D icon and button, and the same magic that you make with text is equally applicable to shapes! Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is a simple-to-use text , logo,  icon software is your best assistant.

m3d_icon01m3d_icon02m3d_icon03icon04 button05icon06button07icon08 button09icon10button11icon12 button13icon14button15

3D Text Animation Maker | Text Effect Design | Aurora3D Software

3D Text Animation Maker Video Demo: Indulge your creative and artistic talents by using 3D Text Animations! Quickly and efficiently design 3D Text Effects for the Web and your Movies. Then export your creations to Image, Video, Flash, GIF Animation and Image Sequences. Full compatibility with Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere and so on. Free Trial Offer!

We looked at the video showing it? Is the first time you see this text effect? We provide a lot of commonly used text animation styles, including Rotate, Swing, Beat, Wave, Fade, Typewriter, Pulse, etc,. We can export video formats, including Video (avi, flv, mpg), Flash (swf), Gif animation, or image sequences (png, tga, bmp).

In this way, we either used in video editing, web production can greatly enhance our efficiency, improve our results. When we do video editing or web design, it will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Or do we need to show a logo in the movie, a simple-to-use 3D title animation software is your best assistant.

3dlogo07 3dtext01 3dtext02 3dtext03 3dtext04 3dtext05 3dtext06 3dtext07 3dtext08