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3D Text Effect Design | Aurora3D Graphic Design Software

3D Text Effects Demo

How to make a cool 3D text effects in 2D graphics software? Use Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can easily create a variety of  3D text effect. 3D text can be set to texture effects, gradients, bevel styles, and all text can have a variety of alignment, spacing, line logo, fonts and so on. In the 3D Text we have created the most effective text editing, I believe you will love it. Software export formats include: Png (include the full Alpha channel), jpg, bmp, xpm, ppm, tiff (including the full Alpha channel), allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.

Download Full Free Trial Version: Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker


How to Make Movie Title with transparent | import into Premiere or FCP

Make Movie Title with transparent background and Import into Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro – Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Best Movie Title Animation Maker. Put your creativity to work with easy-to-use 3D Movie Title, Flash Banner and Gif Animation! Quickly Design Video Titles, Web Banners and 3D Logo Animations! Export to Video, Flash(windows), Gif Animation and Image Sequences! Full Compatibility with Photoshop, llustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere and so on.
We can output video formats, including animation (avi, flv, mpg), Flash (swf), Gif animation, or image sequences (png, tga, bmp). Png (include the full Alpha channel), jpg, bmp, xpm, ppm, tiff (including the full Alpha channel).
In this way, we either used in video editing, web production can greatly enhance our efficiency, improve our results.
Fully compatible with other design software, allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.

How to Install ffdshow encoder and export compressed video in Aurora3D Software

Hi everybody, in this tutorial, you’ll to learn how to install ffdshow encoder and how to export compressed video in Aurora3D’s Products.

First, you need to download some the third part encoder and install it. then, you can select more compressed file formats when export video.

These are we commends some the third part encoders:

FFVFW (MPEG1,2,4 WMV, FLV DV, etc.) Recommand

K-Lite Code Pack:

FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder:

ACE Mega CodecS Pack:

You can choose 1 or 2 codec to download it. We’ll introduce the course of FFDShow installation, and the course of other codec are similar of this. [Read more…]

Touch Screen Presentation

Touch Screen Interactive Presentation Demo

Hope your products are the people gathered to watch it? Want people to take the initiative to understand your products and services information? Try our products and solutions to it, we will bring you more sales.

Now, in many occasions for commercial display, touch screen more and more widely, you want people to contact you for more products and services? You want your customers to be better displayed in the form to attract it?

Whether in airports, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, or live show, making use of interactive touch screen display, it attracted people’s attention.
According to our statistics, a good interactive displays to attract people’s time is more than 5 times the normal display. Open the interactive panel in our software – Presentation 3D, you can seen in the software design of interactive animation list. Here are a variety of control and animation mode choice, and can play a sound and set a camera animate. Animation can also set the length and delay, is very flexible. Try Presentation3D, expand your marketing strategies, to achieve your ideas.

screenshot_touchscreen touchless-touchscreen

Multimedia Business Presentation | Aurora3D Software

Multimedia Business Presentation Video Demo:

Have you encountered such a scenario?

When you display the products and services atthe time, wow spectators in the audience the sound issue. Presentation3D can help you build an extraordinary business presentation.

Presentation3D gives you access to powerful techniques that you can harness to develop impressive, professional, and effective presentations in a number of formats! With Presentation3D, you’ll be able to produce solutions that incorporate images, text, video, and data in a way that will capture the attention of your audience. Even if you aren’t very creative, it’s easy to get started with Presentation3D, thanks to the included templates and styles.