How to import Image with Transparent into Aurora3D Software

1. When we make some picture in photoshop or other graphic design software, maybe we need import in our products and make more 3D effect. Ok, let’s learn it. First, Click File -> Import Image on the menu.

2. On the Image Selector, we select a PNG (with transparent) and open it.

3. When we import it, maybe we can find the transparent has some issue, we can see the background, not the shape behind of this PNG. [Read more…]

How to import 3D Model and change Properties by Aurora3D

1. In our products, we can import 3D Model, and make some animation for it. First, select the menu: File -> Import 3D Model.

2. In the 3D Model Selector, we can import 3DS, OBJ, DAE, DXF, MS3D, BLEND, etc,.

3. When we import a Model, we can right click on the Model and select any part of the Model. [Read more…]

How to export Image and Animation by Aurora3D Software

1. When we finished our design, we need export it. Sometimes we need export a picture, sometimes we need export to video, GIF or SWF, sometimes we need the transparent background, sometimes we don’t. So, we provide two way to export your design. Click “Export” button.

2. First, we select “Export Image”. If you want export transparent background, check the “Transparent Background” box. If you want set region, you can set “Save Region” left, top, right and bottom.

3. “Antialiasing Quality”: if your graphic card support FSAA, please Hardware AA, this is better. If your graphic card can’t support FSAA, please select Software AA.

[Read more…]

How to arrange Multi-object and make a 3D Group Animation

1. When we make some 3D logo or text, maybe we need use multi shape or text, so we need arrange them. In this tutorial, we can learn how to do this. First, add a round-cube, and copy to three.

2. Then, in order to align them, we select one cube and right click on it, select “Arrange -> Reset Rotation”. [Read more…]