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How to make a cool 3D text effects in 2D graphics software? Use Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you can easily create a variety of  3D text effect. 3D text can be set to texture effects, gradients, bevel styles, and all text can have a variety of alignment, spacing, line logo, fonts and so on. In the 3D Text we have created the most effective text editing, I believe you will love it. Software export formats include: Png (include the full Alpha channel), jpg, bmp, xpm, ppm, tiff (including the full Alpha channel), allowing you to perfectly integrate into your Among the work to bring you the production of efficient and beautiful experience.

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3D Text Animation Maker | Text Effect Design | Aurora3D Software

3D Text Animation Maker Video Demo: Indulge your creative and artistic talents by using 3D Text Animations! Quickly and efficiently design 3D Text Effects for the Web and your Movies. Then export your creations to Image, Video, Flash, GIF Animation and Image Sequences. Full compatibility with Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere and so on. Free Trial Offer!

We looked at the video showing it? Is the first time you see this text effect? We provide a lot of commonly used text animation styles, including Rotate, Swing, Beat, Wave, Fade, Typewriter, Pulse, etc,. We can export video formats, including Video (avi, flv, mpg), Flash (swf), Gif animation, or image sequences (png, tga, bmp).

In this way, we either used in video editing, web production can greatly enhance our efficiency, improve our results. When we do video editing or web design, it will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Or do we need to show a logo in the movie, a simple-to-use 3D title animation software is your best assistant.

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