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Halloween 3D Text Download | Aurora3D Software Hallowmas Discount

Happy Halloween everybody,  we’re Aurora3D Software, We create some Halloween 3D Text templates and published.

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End of 11/01/2011. These is the download link:

The Halloween 3D Text Templates and Background Download

The Halloween Fonts Download

Our Products Download:

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Excellent Review on the Mac App Store for Aurora3D Software

  ***** Oct 2, 2011 by marco (french)
 La 3D facile ! – Belle app, on en a pour son argent. Les possibilités sont vastes mais pas illimitées. Un bon soft pour débuter dans l’univers de l’animation 3D.
  ***** Oct 2, 2011 by ManuMatrix
 A me funziona perfettamente! – Se qualcosa non va di solito segnalo subito e mi faccio rimborsare.Ma questo software è davvero ottimo e funziona bene!
  ***** Sep 26, 2011 by Daniel Cage
 I really do like this app. It would also be nice to be able to copy and paste the objects from the art board to a program like pages or illustrator and even Photoshop. Ultimately without SVG import this app leaves me behind in what I really need to do to get my graphics into the program. I recently contacted support and they are great. I will still give this app a five star because I see that it has a promising future.
  ***** Sep 26, 2011 by Daniel Cage
 Awesome App! Update Fixed All Issues – This app is totally awesome. There were some issues before the update. After the update, every single issue i had was fixed. There is one thing at this time that i would love to be able to do, which is ***Bump Mapping*** for textures, then all i’d have to say after that is “game over grover.” Thank you once again.
  ***** Sep 26, 2011 by ARON122344234
  ***** Sep 22, 2011 by Froamer
 Wow – this has turned me into a creative genieous – What an amazing piece of software! Creating stunning logos, video title sequences, banners, etc. is now a breeze. Buy it now while it’s on offer, no really get it, you won’t regret it.I have spoken to the developer and they are very fast to respond and are genuinely helpful.I have had a couple of crashes since using it, but you can forgive it for what it does – just save often. I can’t wait until I can import 3d models (according to the developer its coming soon in an update) but for now I will make do with SVG shape importing. It isn’t clear on their website that this version does everything that Aurora3DMaker does but adds key frame animations and particle effects. Worth the extra in my view. Keep up the good work Aurora3D Software!!!
  ***** Sep 21, 2011 by Adrian Jorge
 Nice & Good – I haven’t used this app a lot yet, I’m learning to use it, but so far so good. I’m loving it. Exactly what I was looking for.
  ***** Oct 3, 2011 by dtpunger
 Tolles Programm – Seit vielen Jahren endlich mal ein 3D Programm, bei dem man klasse Ergebnisse erzielt, ohne sich vorher über Wochen und Monate einarbeiten zu müssen. Auch das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist mehr als überzeugend. So soll’s sein. Toll!
  ***** Sep 27, 2011 by Christian_S
 Programm gut, Support sehr gut :-) – Die Software selbst ist wirklich sehr gut gelungen und den Preis wert. Mit ein wenig Einarbeitungszeit kommt man mit den Controls gut klar. Ein wenig Vorwissen aus Photoshop 3D (Extended Version) ist nicht schlecht, braucht man aber nicht wirklich.Besonders gefallen hat mir die Geschwindigkeit, in der man wirklich schöne 3D Designs erstellen kann.Verbesserungswürdig ist an manchen Stellen die Menüführung, man muss sich etwas hineinfinden.Besonders negativ muss ich bemerken, dass – unter Lion – die App bei jedem Speichervorgang abgestürzt ist.Nachdem ich mich an den Support gewandt hatte, bekam ich innerhalb von 2 Stunden eine neue Version, welche dieses Problem allerdings behoben hat.Kurz und gut: Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt!
 ***** Sep 23, 2011 by ThomasR.
 Klasse Programm – Wae erst skeptisch, ob mir das Programm bei der Logoerstellung weiterhelfen kann. Bin aber schon nach kurzer Zeit völlig überzeugt vom Umfang der Software. Natürlich muss man sich ein wenig einarbeiten, aber auch so gelangen schnell brauchbare Ergebnisse. Ich finde, das App ist sein Geld wert.

Aurora 3D Presentation Software – FPPT

Aurora 3D Presentation 2011 is a software package that you can use to make top notch interactive & 3D presentations. This tool helps you to design business presentations and 3D product slideshow including touchscreen interactive presentations and 3D animation video.

It is good to know that using Aurora 3D Presentation you can export the final work into an EXE file and also to video output files in order to distribute your animation or interactive presentation.

You can download a free Trial (72Mb) for 15 days in order to evaluate the product, however the software is not free and once the trial period expired you’d need a license key which cost about $150 in order to continue using the tool.

This 3D presentation software tool can help you to build impressive presentations using 3D technologies in order to communicate your message to an audience using great graphics and impressive animations in 3D.

There are several functionalities available in Aurora 3D Presentation, for example you can produce 3D solutions that incorporate images, text, video, and data in a way that will capture the attention of your audience. While designing your 3D Presentation you have complete control over element positions, rotate objects, add special effects, shadows and styles and also control the background music while playing. Also there are some 3D elements that you can add to the 3D Slides, for example 3D cubes and then you can control the x, y, z axis.

The application also offers you a collection of free 3D templates and interactive slides that you can use in case you are not a 3D specialist or not so much creative. This 3D collection of templates and styles can really speed up the process of creating new 3D.

It is important to note that the output files cannot be exported to PowerPoint presentations, however you can do the presentation design using this product and then export the 3D output to a video format. On PowerPoint you can embed videos so if you need to produce 3D PowerPoint presentations then you can use this approach.

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